Using the Exposure Compensation Button Assignment

Using your camera's exposure compensation button, create three very different photos.
  • The first will be where you correct the exposure for a back-lit subject.
  • The second will be for an alteration that improves your image by making it darker.
  • The last will be of an alteration that improves the image by making it brighter.
Download your images to a computer and file size them so that they are 72 PPI at 800 pixels on the longest side.  

Please save your images using the naming convention below as JPG files for web viewing.

Name your photos with your name, assignment name, and numbers.

  • sayec1.jpg, 
  • sayec2.jpg, 
  • sayec3.jpg...
Upload both a before and after photo of each scene. You will be uploading six images total.

Please back up your images to your Dropbox.
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