Final Portfolio

This is it!  Your chance to really shine and show us what you can do photographically!  For this last assignment, which is due next Wednesday, you are going to first look at your past 21 images.  Then choose one of the three categories that you feel you are strongest with.  Take this category and shoot at least 10 more images so that you will have many to choose from.  Shooting more it a great idea and highly encouraged!!!

Once you have your shots complete, d
ownload your images to a computer.  Look through ALL of your images you have shot for this category.  Select the 10 best images in this category.  Five of these image may come from work previously submitted.  Five must be NEW images we have not seen before.  If you want to submit more than five new images, this is good to do as we tend to become better at photographing as we practice.  Chances are your best work will be within the last ten or more images you have shot.

File size the best 10 images so that they are 72 PPI at 1080 pixels on the longest side.  

Please save your images as JPG files for web viewing.

Name your photos with your name, assignment name, and numbers.

  • sayportfolio1.jpg, 
  • sayportfolio2.jpg, 
  • sayportfolio3.jpg...
You will be uploading three images total.

Please back up your images to your Dropbox.