Kind Words From Students

Below are examples of kind words I hear from my students every semester:

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"Hello Say, 

Once again, thank you for keeping us engaged, and connected. It feels so reassuring to know that on the other end we have someone that truly cares. You continuously keep us learning more with not just links but true teachings of your own. You are awesome!"  ~ AD in Photo 180, Spring 2021

"Thank you Say.
Have anyone today told you: You are the best?  
You ARE!" ~ AP in Photo 180, Spring 2021

"Thank you for being a great teacher in these difficult times. I really enjoyed getting better at photography and learned many skills that I will carry on in life. I hope you stay safe and healthy, and have a wonderful break!" ~ ZM  in Photo 109, Fall 2020

"Thank you very much for being a great instructor and a very kind person." ~ RP in Photo 109, Fall 2020

"I just wanted to say thank you! Out of all my teachers you were the only one who I felt offered me the most support. I was really struggling this semester and you really helped me out. A million times, Thank you for your understanding!" ~ RGB in Photo 250, Fall 2020

"Thank you for a wonderful class. I will miss our meetings every Monday. I learned so much from you. Thank you for being so patient with all the remote troubleshooting, and accommodating the whole class. It has certainly been a big challenge for all during these trying times. Once again, you have done an amazing job of teaching content while keeping the whole class engaged." ~ AD in Digital Design Techniques, Summer 2020

"Thank you so much for the response, and again for such an awesome summer session. You made learning online so fun and very straightforward. I really appreciate everything you have done.  Have a great rest of the summer and please stay healthy and safe!" ~ KC in Photo 109, Summer 2020

"Your Illustrator class has been simply fantastic Say!  Really great!  Thank you!   I love your enthusiasm, your teaching style and your ability to communicate these difficult, abstract concepts so clearly.  It has been quite . . . wonderful! 
Thank you~ JB in Adobe Illustrator, Summer 2020

"    I really enjoyed today's class Say!  Thank you for being so gracious and helpful as we begin to begin to understand Illustrator.  What I came away realizing is that there’s literally an infinite range of possibilities working in it as well as Photoshop. 
     I’ve spend years working in the primitive 2011 Microsoft Word and have "hot rodded" it to be able to create hundreds of cool designs and images.  I've used fonts and type to sculpt images and created a vast number of movie posters and other ads all in Word. Sometime I’ll send you a sample.  I would love to take your Photoshop class if you ever teach that again. 
Thank you for today and for this great class!" ~ JB after the first day of a non-credit Adobe Illustrator class, Summer 2020

"Hi Say,

I wanted to be sure to send you a note to thank you for another great course this past semester!  You are an excellent instructor and I appreciate how much time and care you put into your work.  Thank you for the feedback you give. I definitely want to improve, although I still don’t know what to do in photography... 🙂 (I hope that becomes clear as I continue on in this program.)  But your feedback really helps me see beyond my narrow view." ~ EP in Photo 180, Spring 2020

"I can't thank you enough for all your help; your passion for teaching and photography shines in your communications! 🙂" ~ NP prior to the start of Photo 109, Summer 2020

"I really do look at the world in a different way than I did a few months ago and I am extremely excited to continue with my education and experimenting in photography.  Thank you so much for all of your patient, detailed feedback and encouragement ~ it was a very special class." ~ HZ in Photo 109, Fall 2019

"I learned SO MUCH in this class! When I started I had ZERO idea of how to work my camera so I never touched it after owning it for years. But now I can say I feel much more confident which gives me excitement and inspiration for wanting to create work! I loved how each lesson built upon the last. The biggest challenge was since it was online, sometimes I wouldn't allow myself as much time as I would have wanted to create the strongest work for each assignment, but I also think that was a confidence issue which got better with time. I really appreciate the Relevant pros suggested with each week, it grounded the lessons into reality.  Thank you for all the hard work put into this class, it really shows!" ~ NM Photo 109, Fall 2019

"This has got to be my favorite class by far. The workload is perfect but would made this class so fun was how you taught it. Made me open up more and think big. I was able to realize more what the world has to offer. I have taken an online class before but was pretty difficult to do work on. This class was very well put out and how no trouble looking for the assignments, lectures, exams, etc. Very fun overall. I can't really think of anything I would change. Thank you so much!!" ~ VC in Photo 109, Fall 2019

"Thank you for the support! It’s been unmatched during my short time there. And for that I appreciate you!" ~ LJ in Photo 250, Fall 2019

"Thank you so much for being such an amazing educator and for keeping up with all my questions and concerns. I definitely would not have gotten the great outcome from this class that I did if it were not for you." ~ LF in Photo 109, Summer 2019

"Just to tell you how much I enjoyed your class on Digital Design Techniques.

As I was getting into this most exciting adventure, I knew that there would so much in it I would need to learn that I would only scratch the surface at first. However, I hoped that the instructor would be one who would be able to help me taste  the excitement of getting awakened to its potential. And that hope of mine was amply fulfilled. Thank you for opening my mind to its infinite possibilities!" ~ JL in Digital Design Techniques, Summer 2019

"Let me start off by saying, thank you for really pushing me out of my comfort zone; I've learned a lot about myself this semester and frankly from any other class. I did sign up for your stock photography class so I'll see you again in the fall.  I hope to send you some photos for a TBT on Instagram, but you and Cooper really kicked my butt this year! Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! Once again, thank you for a great semester." ~ EV in Fine Art Photography, Spring 2019

"It has been so much fun learning how to use the photo editing programs especially! Overall this class kept me busy but creative and I can’t wait to head into summer with these photo skills in hand. Thank you so much for being one of the most encouraging and considerate professors I have ever had at SBCC!" ~ MM in Beginning Photography, Spring 2019

"Say, thank you so much for your continued support through my time at the dept. and as your student. You were/are a wonderful influence on my creative mind and you showed me how to REALLY crack open my noggin. Thank you." ~ LM in Fine Art Photography, Spring 2019

"This is my fourth class related to Digital Design with Say and it's always a pleasure to see the passion she teaches with.  As a professional in the exhibit design field attending Say's classes have been invaluable, to broadening my design skillset. A really great instructor!" ~ DL in Digital Newsletter, Spring 2019

"Our teacher's instruction and method was so encouraging and positive that I found myself learning more than I expected.
While I had a bit of Photoshop knowledge prior to taking this course, I learned new ways to approach Photoshop projects.
Also, I learned from her how to problem solve with Photoshop and how to become more independent with the program.
I would highly encourage anyone wanting to learn about Photoshop to enroll in her course as she explains it very clearly." ~ Anonymous post from teacher evaluation by student, Spring 2019

"I’ve enjoyed your class, for its design and approach, especially for your passion and creativity as a photographer and teacher. I started seeing how much we can do with the program." ~ QZ in Photoshop for Photographers, Spring 2019

"You're a great teacher. You make people feel welcomed and noticed and that's a very nice quality. I also appreciate how you allow your students to feel comfortable about not knowing how to do something or when we asked questions. You thanked us for bringing up a thought or pointing out something. Truly it is helpful but not all teachers have that attitude. You make it easy to speak up." ~ DP in Introduction to Illustrator, Spring 2019

"I don't think there was anything I would change if I was teaching this class. I would say keep it all. I learned so much from this class this semester and I loved our assignments. We were allowed to be creative and I loved being able to get feedback from classmates, the week after the initial assignment was due. I think the feedback, from you :) and our classmates, is what made me grow so much this semester. Also, you were very encouraging and there for me all semester when I needed it. I wouldn't change a thing!  You're an awesome instructor and you give so much to your students, including me! Thank you for everything :)" ~ JD in Photo 109, Fall 2018

The following is an excerpt of an email from a student sent to our department dean:
"I wanted to write this short note to you, expressing how much joy it was to participate in the classes for the Digital Design Basics - Careers Skills Institute Program at the SBCC Wake Campus.They are brilliantly taught by such a diverse group of knowledgeable, highly skilled and patient instructors.I am of course talking about Bruce,Diana, and Say.You and your colleagues truly hand picked the best!
I am a Exhibit designer by profession and I have gained so much knowledge in such a short period that has allowed me to broaden my skillet. Kudos again to the instructors!" ~ DL in Digital Design Techniques and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, Fall 2018

"Say is an excellent instructor. Her passion and enthusiasm for the subject made this a highly enjoyable and education experience. She is so supportive and such a great teacher! I wish this class was longer so we could go more in depth into InDesign." ~ Unknown - provided on a teacher evaluation for the Digital Design Techniques class that taught the basics of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator in the Fall of 2018

"You have been so kind, understanding, and professional throughout this semester. Words can never express my gratitude. Your guidance, support, and love for photography is inspirational and has rekindled my love for taking pictures. I never dared nor had time to take a photography class. When I finally did, the most tragic death occurred that deeply scarred everyone around me. Your simple, human response (allowing me time to grieve, and submit assignments late) kept me in this class. Thank you, thank you, and thank you." ~ LT in Photo 109, Fall 2018

"Thank you very much for the mp4 reviews. I just got a chance to listen to them and I am impressed by the detailed explanation and how much time you put into helping students. Before listening to the review I had no idea what defringe was and how it affects the images, I also did not know how to turn clippings on, now I know. I have also realized that my keywords don't need dashes and that my camera kit lens is not the best :-) 
Over all I have learned so much by taking this class and I thank you for that!" ~ MT in Photo 150, Fall 2018

"I really enjoyed the screencast.  Thank you for all of your help and encouraging words!" ~ AG in Photo 109, Summer 2018

"Thank you for teaching this class online.  I've really enjoyed taking this course.  Only having a semi-small window of time to focus on creative pursuits, this managed to feel like so much more than just an online art class.  I appreciate your honesty and warmth!  I hope to be able to participate i another class of yours in the future." ~ SH in Photo 214, Spring 2018

"I enjoyed taking your Photo 180 class this semester and I learned a lot about using Photoshop and Lightroom but I think my creativity improved as well.  I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future." ~ JR in Photo 180, Spring 2017

"Thank you for a great semester! I really enjoyed this class and I feel like I have learned a lot. The suggestions that you gave for every assignment  were really helpful. I have taken multiple online classes and they have never been very helpful-some just gave the grade and nothing else, others have had a T.A. grade everything so the teacher would be kind of lost if you asked a question- but this class was great in that category smile the videos that you posted also helped a lot." ~ JT in Photo 180, Spring 2016

"At the beginning of the class, I had no knowledge of photography. I was also unable to use manual without getting all black photos as a result. You were kind and caring, and allowed me the opportunity to correct this wrong without penalty.  This is exactly what a photography class should be like. It encourages the learning of photography. The re-submission allowance encouraged me to keep trying, whereas otherwise I may not have.  The workload was manageable. I would not change anything about this class. Thank you so much for everything!" ~ LM in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"The huge success of this class is the manner in which it was taught. No matter how messed up or what mistakes were made, there was always support and encouragement to do better next time!! This is the way it should be, especially with beginners. Our spirits weren't broken, curiosity peaked, and we were always guided on HOW to work something in a different way.

Say, I really appreciate your attitude and supportiveness..and prompt email feedback! It made this class a positive experience, and I thank you for that." ~ GP in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"Before taking this class I was nervous and anxious. I thought it would be difficult to learn photography though an online class but I have learned so much and I am so glad that I took this class. What I found the most helpful was the teacher because through her posts and responses, I felt that she genuinely wanted us to become the best photographers we could be and I no longer felt that I was alone in the class. Thank you for such a great class."  Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"What a fabulous class this was. I have to admit that I was nervous at the beginning of this session, having never taken an online class before. However, I absolutely loved it! I love how interactive it was. The assignments were fun but still allowed me to demonstrate the information that I had learned in the lessons. The workload was completely manageable and the feedback really helped me to improve my skills.
I have learned so much more than I thought I would and I think this is because of Say's willingness to help us and the passion she brings to teaching. 
Overall, this was the perfect online summer class!" Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"Thanks for a great quarter. Your organization, flow, and hard work made this class useful and interesting. I sincerely appreciate your time, dedication, and consideration. And I wish you the best going forward - the rest of the summer and beyond!" ~ HP in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"This class was wonderfully managed. I thank you for encouraging creativity, enthusiastically helping, and being very reachable even in an online class." ~ LW in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"I have had a really great time learning about photography and what goes into the art and science of it in this class. Thank you so much for explaining things clearly when I did not understand as well as allowing us to resubmit when we did not get the grades we wanted. I hope to take more photography classes in the future."  Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Summer 2015

"Thank you so much for all of your help. You really are an amazingly gifted teacher, all your efforts show in this class. You are always quick to respond and give amazing feedback. Your dedication to teaching really shows, it was an honor to have been in your class with such positive feedback and great re-direction for work.   Again Thank you for a wonderful semester. Do you teach other online classes? I would love to sign up for more classes with you. " ~ CHD in Photo 150, Fall 2014

"I learned quite a bit- GREAT TEACHER!! Energy comes right through online.  Thank you Say!"  Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 150, Fall 2014

"Thank you for all your insightful tips and great content. I feel l've learned a great deal, not just about trends in stock houses, but how to push my photography to be the best it can be, free of noise and distraction, focused on the correct things, and all around more polished.  You are clearly engaged in this class and interested in the success of your students and it shows. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this class!" ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 150, Fall 2014

"Thank you for this semester, you have been such an inspiring teacher & I have learned a lot!" ~ EP Photo 109, Fall 2013

"I was a student in your photo 109 last fall (2012). First I want to tell you how grateful I am to have had you as a teacher. The course was great and I learned a lot, a lot more than I first expected. Thank you and keep up the good work. You are by far the most inspiring and dedicated teacher that I know." ~ LF emailed this to me August 2013

"My friend who is a printer was impressed with my work as well thanks to all you have learned me this semester, so really Say, thank you so much, wish I could talk another class with you!!" ~ CE in Photo 285, Spring 2013

"After I left the first class, I thought I was lucky to have Say as a teacher.  You really took the mystery out of photography.  You're very entertaining and you make the material interesting.  Considering it's a long class session, your teaching style definitely makes the evening go by quicker." ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Spring 2013

"I really liked this class and you're a great teacher! You made me want to learn and I did." Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 150, Spring 2013

"The teacher, Say, is a wonderful teacher. She has so much energy and she is funny too. She teaches in a great way and she gives good feedback on the assignments." ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 150, Spring 2013

"I’m stoked to be in your class, I love your energy!!" ~ AM in Photo 150, Spring 2013

"BTW, you're an awesome teacher. I enjoy listening to you in class. Your relaxation, makes me feel comfortable and you keep me interested with your way to talk. Also, I'm learning by watching, not numbers, but how to actually do it. You do it well by mixing the styles. Thank you for that." ~ SB in Photo 150, Spring 2013.

"Thanks for all your help this semester. Your class was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. It definitely put me in the mood I wanted when I first started the class and I will continue to learn as much as I can. smile" ~ MR in Photo 109, Fall 2012

"Thanks again for everything this semester! I have had my d5000 for five years or so and have taken cool shots in auto but in the 15 weeks of this class I gained a greater understanding of my camera than all five years. thanks." ~ AC in Photo 109, Fall 2012

"I have taken on-line classes for awhile and I can say that you are one of the best ones that I have had. Thank you!" ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Fall 2012

"Say, ... I got my first Director of Photography credit this summer. The movie premiered in September. I'm taking a big step to continue to find the life I want. Thank you for the work you did that kept me taking pictures. I hope you are well!" ~ DJ sent this to me in an email October 2012.  He was a student of mine in I believe in 2007.

"Thank you so much for you email. How  thoughtful and giving you are.. thank you for you kind and wise words.. you made me smile and laugh and almost cry.I so appreciate your time, expertise, energy and passion. You give so much to us students. I continue to be impressed( but no pressure.) ( I would always be happy to write you an evaluation if you ever need it- just saying- again no pressure)." ~ AV in Photo 109, Fall 2012

"i just wanted to say...thank you!!!! You are soooooo patient. I have learned so much already in this class and it is so exciting to think about how much more there is to learn. I would have never learned any of this if I were left to my own devices. I have taken a lot of on-line classes and have had a lot of different experiences with different teachers,  and I really appreciate how involved and responsive you are to your students.....thank you." ~ BW in Photo 109 in Fall 2012

"Overall, I had a lot of fun with this course! I want to thank you for being so helpful and kind. It's hard to find teachers that genuinely care about their students, and I feel you definitely do. I hope to one day be your student again."  ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Spring 2012

"I think that you covered everything wonderfully and I loved that you are very efficient at answering e-mails, this class was one of the most helpful and organized online classes that I have ever taken. " ~ Anonymous* post in discussion board in Photo 109, Spring 2012

"Thank you, Say!  You definitely have bragging rights, as you had a great influence on my photography.  You're a fantastic instructor, and I mean that sincerely.  I was ready to give up on the class, but you encouraged me and convinced to continue.  It was the first online class I took, so that was also a challenge; I'm grateful I stayed with it.  I enjoyed the creative assignments in your class that helped me to improve. I'm still learning!"  ~ BM in an email to me regarding her upcoming solo photography show of April 2012.  She was a student of mine in 2008.

"Do you teach a photoshop class? I know the department does, but I really like you style of teaching and was hoping that I could take the class from you." ~ NC in Photo 109, Spring 2012

I'm not saying this to "kiss up" but I just have to tell you that your follow through and teaching style is great. I come from a family of teachers (except for myself) so I appreciate a good one when I see it. Thank you!”  ~ AR in Photo 109 Spring 2012

And thank you for a really great class, Im sorry I haven't written anything in the forum about evaluation but I loved this class. You are a great teacher and you really give to your students, and you give honest and giving critique. So thank you, you gave me a lot during these weeks.

Take care now, and I wish well in the future!”  ~ CE in Photo 150, Spring 2012

Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me and to offer great advice for improving my people pics.  It is nice to learn how to take them and I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more when I take 209.

I'm going to miss this class.  It was great having you for an instructor again. Will you be teaching any classes in person in the Fall?

Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable class.”  ~ AL in Photo 150, Spring 2012

i have a feeling with your devotion to students and my passion for creativity i think i mite just be able to pass this class! “ ~ KD in Photo 109, Spring 2012

I want to take this time to thank you for your hard work on teaching us and the patience you have had.  You are a wonderful Instructor and I do wish our paths cross again. Have a very Merry Christ-mas and a wonderful New Year!!” ~ SH in PH124, Fall 2011

Overall I think you’ve done a very good job with this class. I like how you make us feel comfortable about any mistakes we may make and give honest and thoughtfully constructive criticism on the assignments. Thanks for a great semester!’ ~ Anonymous
* in Photo 109, Fall 2011

Say, I would like to thank you for going the extra step to help me grow as a future photographer, it has been a pleasure working and learning with you.” ~ DAQ in PH124, Fall 2011

“Thank you so much, for being a fantastic teacher, as you have made me see how to make my images look breath taking to others, and finally to myself. “ ~ BM in PH124, Fall 2011

“I honestly really enjoyed the class. I have learned a lot. Thank you for being so thorough in all of the lessons!!! You're a great teacher!” ~ TK in Photo 109, Fall 2011

“Thanks - you are a really good (engaging and dynamic) instructor.  This class has definitely been worth my time!” ~  AT in Photo 150, Spring 2010

"Thank you for a wonderful class!" ~ EB Summer 2006

"Thanks again for all of your critique and teaching!" ~ JP Spring 2006

"Thank you Say! I want to let you know how much I learned and thank you for your guidance.I started not knowing a thing about digital and I feel like I can grasp it now. I am signing up for photoshop next semester and would like to request a Photo 209 class online (if that counts for anything!)I hope that I use my film camera again one day but truthfully,I only see that happening if the digital needs to be fixed. Thank you once again for opening my eyes to everything : so many new tools and possibilities in photography, Muchas gracias!Have a great break!" ~ KJ Fall 2005

"Thank you so much for a great semester. I really enjoyed taking this on line and learned a ton ... Thank you for all your help this semester. I'll hopefully be taking more classes with you. Thanks for the feedback re: on line photoshop. Take care and happy holidays!" ~ JN Fall 2005

"I really enjoyed this class, and I wish I could move on to take Photo 209, but I just do not have the time to take a class on campus. Thanks for everything, I learned a ton!" ~ CN Fall 2005

"I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure this class has been for me--for years I have wanted to learn how to use an SLR camera--and now I have at least a beginning even though I know I still have a lot to learn. My darling husband gave me a new Canon Rebel XT for my birthday!!! I'm so excited!! I Know I am going to have a lot of fun with it!

Because of this class, I will also enjoy using my little digital Minolta point and shoot more, as I will take better pictures with that, even though it is all automatic. I often carry the little one when I am on trips(working).

Thank you so much for your patience and all your constructive comments--I've learned so much--and I want to learn more! This has been a great class for me--even my family members have learned more about photography indirectly from you and this class!

Have a wonderful rest of your summer (take a break!!)  Take care and best of everything to you and your family,"  ~ LR in Photo 109, Summer 2005 

*As I am always working to improve my classes, I have a discussion board that allows students to post any comments they would like with suggestions.  I am able to get wonderful feedback from this board and some nice comments on my teaching style.